Quick thoughts on Detective Pikachu (Non spoiler)

So i got a chance to finally watch the movie Thursday night, and i really enjoyed it. I was smiling a lot while watching that’s for sure. Here’s my quick thoughts on it, I’ll give an in dept review when I get a chance to watch it again.

man this was my childhood. why can’t Pokemon be real! Now the movie was still very much a pokemon movie catered to kids but it had enough humor to keep anyone, adult or child happy. The world was amazing, the pokemon looked real good. I didn’t think it would work to well when i first saw a trailer but the pokemon feel apart of the world and even the ones you’ll spot in the background look good.

um… i said good, doesn’t mean some weren’t creepy looking!

The plot was OK, a simple detective story of a boy looking for a dad that might not be dead. the twist in the end was neat, I kind of saw it coming bu more casual viewers definitely won’t catch it. The movie felt a little short for em but i’ll give that a pass because it was actually a good video game movie!

some faults in the movie: i know it’s a detective movie more so then an action movie but i really hoped they would’ve added a few more familiar Pokemon elements to the movie. Catching takes a backseat with only a small scene at the start but it looked so good and I hope they expand upon it in the future. Also the villain wasn’t great, definitely the worst character in the movie. Ryan Reynolds of-course steals the show as the titular detective pikachu.

detective pikachu pokemon GIF by Nerdist.com

Overall it was a fun, cute watch.  A good introduction live action introduction to the world of Pokemon on the big screen! I feel like both casual and die hard Pokemon fans will enjoy this movie. I’d give it a 7/10 *

Budget and Animation

So let’s talk about a big common misconception that a lot of anime fans. The myth of anime budget and its correlation to the animation of the show. Now I’m not an expert by any means but its pretty easy to get a grasp of the situation here. If you want a big in dept analysis; yonkouproductions does a great video about it that you can check out. Here i’ll be giving a brief overview and my opinion on the matter.

here is something that will probably surprise some people. Anime budget is very low… compared to the american animated shows which can get a budget for like $1 million dollars per episode, anime budget tends to hover around   $300,000 per episode. So why is it that some anime arguably look better then standard american cartoons? Well budget doesn’t really have anything to do with the actual animation aspects, not in the literal sense at least.

What makes the animation of an anime look better or worse is the time and schedule put into making it. Of course, talented animators and artist are always a big factor as well but scheduling is just as important. Anime runs of seasons. each season has 12-20 anime running usually for 13 episodes and at times 26 going into two seasons. But something that is rare now more so the in the past is anime that air week to week, these usually suffer from more jarring animation because of the tougher grind to put out an episode every week all year.

Another big part of animation is the Studio that is in charge of the series at the time. Each anime studio visibly has there own style. From Toei’s week to week over exaggerate style to Bones’ crisps action shots that are like visual heaven. A good example of these animation style would be One Punch Man. The first season was beautiful! they had so many great animators and people working on it. Studio madhouse made One Punch man iconic! But then… they announced that fir season 2, JC staff studios would be taking over the show. the change was jarring… definitely hurt the quality of the show as they went from this….

Image result for one punch man season 1

to this…. you can see the change to a darker pallet of colors. it seems less bright.

Image result for one punch man season 2

So in the end what’s my opinion? Honestly animation isn’t that important to me to enjoy a show. My favorite anime of all time is One Piece which never has the most amazing animation but it keeps me engaged for the story.  yes bad animation can be turn off for watching a show but hey if it annoys you that much, go read the manga. I know you can, you’re reading this after all.


All Elite Hope

So Here’s the deal, Pro wrestling in the United states for the past 20 years has been monopolized by the WWE. And Yes, we have smaller companies like ROH, Impact, Nwa and aaw who are doing fine but never has there ever been true competition.  That might have changed  yesterday when former home of WCW, TNT announced they’ll be back in the wrestling business come fall!

This is huge news as there hasn’t been a wrestling company with this kind of money and support on a easily accessible other then the WWE since march of 2001. The fact they got the old WCW channel makes several wrestling fans nostalgic for 90s when the wrestling world was emits a war on Monday nights.  While AEW has made it clear they consider themselves an alternative, all of the brass of AEW have stated that they’re goal is to making wrestling industry competitive in North America again, as Competition  creates more opportunities for talent and just makes the business better overall.

My thought in general are optimistic. weather or not this will be a success or a failure is yet to be seen but the talent, money, creative and fan base is there to make this work. I agree do think that they can be competition for WWE, not necessarily on TV but competition for talent.  A good example is the Japanese wrestling scene. New japan is the top dog  when it comes to production, TV and money. But Japan isn’t much of a monopoly thanks to the vast amount of Talent and TV deal. Companies like All Japan, Noah, DDT, Dragon Gate all have been on TV in Japan and are thriving companies.

Wrestling in the states has been so underwhelming and dreadful for so long that ALL ELITE HOPE seems like a fever dream. But it is happening, and the ride will be fun. Make sure to check out AEW first ppv, Double Or Nothing, on Bleacher Report Live May 25 2019.

Final Blog Post

To be honest, I really enjoyed this class all semester. It definitely has been my favorite class this year. I’ve been having a lot of stuff going on at home and professor Seslow has been really understanding and patient with me. Most professor in other classes wouldn’t and some haven’t so i really appreciate that the most in this class.

we’ve done some pretty awesome stuff in this class and learned a lot. when this class started i was essentially tech illiterate. barley new how to operate a mac. but along the way leaned some great techniques. One that really got me was Hyperlinking … I’ve always wondered how to do it, now I do. I think that’s one technique that’ll really help me throughout life.

One of my personal favorite projects done this semester is the vaporwave. i really put a lot of work into this one and it has a lot of my personal feeling about gaming and the community around it.  honestly a lot of the time i have no idea where my projects are going and they turn out to become this message that i really believe in!

speaking of not knowing where the hell something is going… my website… mahmedstuff.com

It may still be bare bones but I originally had no idea what I was going to do with that site. i’m still not 100% but i think I’m going to make it a place where i can dissect misconceptions about the stuff that interest me. when i like something, i tend to delve deep into researching about it, looking at the ins and outs of the topics. so why not use the website to highlight my obsessive tendencies to know what the hell i’m talking about.

I feel like i will get a B- or B in this class. I think that’s fair, I haven’t been perfect but I’ve done all the assignments and learned a lot from when i started. I think I will maintain my website for a while because i do want this place to voice my opinion on certain topics and try to show people why i like the things I do.

Once again i thoroughly enjoyed my time in this class. I’d definitely recommend  any student to take this class, It’s a good learning experience and a good time. Thanks for the memories CT101. See you around!

Deadpool Portrait

Heres a simple deadpool portrait i did in class. The hardest part was actually locating a good image for the project and setting the animation track up. I picked deadpool because it was one of the first movies that made me laugh out loud in the theatre. I’ve been a fan of the character for the longest time and was so happy when not only did he get a movie but it did amazing at the box office as well!


what began as random miss match of symbols evolved into a message for gamers kinda. It really does not matter what you play as long as you’re enjoying it. Theres no need for “console war”. We can like everything, and if we don’t like something, you shouldn’t try to discourage others who enjoy it. Just play, no war, sad bois.

This is a class project i did a while back, I enjoyed it so here it is.

Zack Snyder wanted poster

zack snyder… I think it’s obvious seeing as how he destroyed some of my favorite characters in lackluster movies. Albeit he is not the sole reason to blame but hey, it was his vision. Wanted posters are just a fun thing in general. I encourage everyone to give one piece a chance if the time. I’ve seen many people accomplish catching up already. Hey it’s only 800+ episodes and ongoing.

About this Site

I am a man of geekdom. My interest involve Tv, Movies, anime, video games anime, wrestling etc. SO that’s what this website is going to cover. I’ll do reviews, analysis and discussion so it’ll be a fun ride even if i have no idea what I’m doing!

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